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Andrea Grollet is a specialist in semi-permanent makeup (micropigmentation) for eyebrows, eyelashes and lips
Welcome to the website of Andrea Grollet: UK semi-permanent make-up / micropigmentation specialist
Semi-permanent make-up for natural looking eyebrows
Semi permanent makeup for natural looking eyelashes or eyeline
Semi-permanent makeup for natural looking lips and lip contouring
Permanent Make up
Permanent Makeup

Andrea Grollet specialises in the application of semi permanent make up and the services that available.  She is able to answer any questions or concerns you may have about this new craze to hit the cosmetics market.

Semi permanent make up services by Andrea Grollet  

Despite having been around for a number of years, semi permanent make up is now starting to become a more popular option for time-starved business women.  The services can last up to five years, enabling you to wake up every day knowing you have perfect make-up. Andrea Grollet is not only an expert in micro pigmentation (semi permanent make up); she has also been an avid user of it for the past fifteen years. Her top London clinic offers the following services:

  • Eye brow framing and balancing
  • Eyelash enhancing and eyeliner
  • Lip defining and shaping.

Who would benefit from the most from micro pigmentation?

You do not have to fit any criteria to want to look good semi permanently! At Andrea Grollet, you can have a consultation to establish exactly what it is you want from semi permanent make up as well what colour and look you desire. The services offered at Andrea Grollet are also very useful to those who have limited sight, who have a disability and find it hard to apply make up and to those who have lost their eyebrows and eyelashes due to illness such as alopecia. 

The procedure at Andrea Grollet

Before every treatment, a compulsory spot pigment test is done to check that you are not allergic to the products.  On the day, you will have a final consultation to make sure the treatment is exactly what you want, the colours are right and to reassure you of exactly how safe and clean the procedure is.  The actual treatment will then take place, usually taking around an hour and then you must go back four-six weeks so the consultant can check the colour density is right and do any touch ups if required.

Contacting Andrea Grollet

Andrea Grollet is an experienced and qualified semi permanent make up artist and is able to answer questions you may have on the subject.  To book your consultation today, call now on 0208 645 9553 or get in touch here.

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Andrea Grollet, semi-permanent makeup specialist - Phone 020 8645 9553 / Mobile 07767 707 505
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