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Andrea Grollet is a specialist in semi-permanent makeup (micropigmentation) for eyebrows, eyelashes and lips
Welcome to the website of Andrea Grollet: UK semi-permanent make-up / micropigmentation specialist
Semi-permanent make-up for natural looking eyebrows
Semi permanent makeup for natural looking eyelashes or eyeline
Semi-permanent makeup for natural looking lips and lip contouring
Permanent Make up
Semi Permanent Makeup

Cosmetic surgery is increasing in popularity every day, and new ways of improving our self image continue to emerge.  Semi permanent make up is the icing on the cake for some people!

Make me beautiful!

There is no end to the wonders of cosmetic surgery.  Whether you want bigger breasts, a smaller nose, a “j-lo bottom” or to get rid of your elfin like ears, the resources are there! Every day we are we being nipped and tucked from every angle to create our perfect selves. Celebrities can be seen with aesthetic enhancement all over the media which can spark the inspiration in us mere minions to jump on the band wagon.  

Big bucks

Self preservation or self improvement, however you wish to say it, does not come cheap.  Celebrity cosmetic surgery pioneers such as Sharon Osborne invested over £300,000 to make herself over and in hers and the world’s eyes; it was worth every penny as she looks fantastic.  However, if you do not happen to have a spare £300,000 lying down the back of the sofa, there are cheaper, more semi permanent quick fixes.

Botox in your lunch hour

Your life can be hectic enough with out having to worry about when the next wrinkle is going to appear.  In the modern day, everything is being catered so save time so we can cram more into our hectic lives, including cosmetic surgery.  A few of the services that are available in your lunch hour include:

  • Botox
  • Teeth whitening
  • Liposuction
  • Semi permanent make up

Say goodbye to your make up bag

Make could be becoming a thing of the past with semi permanent make up becoming one of the most popular, quick fix forms of cosmetic surgery. If you simply have not got time to apply every day then semi permanent make up could be exactly what you need. The whole treatment can be carried out in around an hour and will cost you considerably less than £300,000 for instant results which can last anything between a year and five years. The process is carried out under the strictest hygiene conditions with the applicators being used only once, as if you were in surgery. Services on offer include lip definer, eyelash enhancer and eyeliner.

Andrea Grollet is a trained expert in the field of semi permanent make up and has herself, been an avid user for the past fifteen years. To find out how you can get a consultation call now on 020 8645 9553 or get in touch here.

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