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Andrea Grollet is a specialist in semi-permanent makeup (micropigmentation) for eyebrows, eyelashes and lips
Welcome to the website of Andrea Grollet: UK semi-permanent make-up / micropigmentation specialist
Semi-permanent make-up for natural looking eyebrows
Semi permanent makeup for natural looking eyelashes or eyeline
Semi-permanent makeup for natural looking lips and lip contouring
Permanent Make up
Permanent Makeup

If your morning make routine has become the bane of your life then semi permanent make could be exactly what you are looking for.

Goodbye morning routine

The alarm goes, straight in the shower followed by the morning scrubbing of the remnants of the night before make up that is almost engrained into your facial pores.  Cleanse, tone, moisturise then onto the make up.  If this sounds similar to your morning routine and you are getting tired of the same thing every day then semi permanent make up could be exactly what you are looking for.  You can benefit from added colour and definition to the following areas:

  • Lips
  • Eyes
  • Eyebrows
  • Areolas

Semi permanent make up helps with hurdle of recovery

Semi permanent make up, or micropigmentation does not only have to be used in the name of vanity, it can also help clients recovering from diseases such as alopecia.  Also, clients who have recently had breast surgery in order to restore the colour of the areolas. 

Women who suffer from limited movement in the hands such as arthritis or tremors such Parkinson’s or post stroke may also look to semi permanent make up as it enables them to have perfect make up despite their condition.

Change of heart?

What happens if you go through with the procedure and a couple of years down the line you decide you no longer want the permanent look?  Luckily, with semi permanent make up, you can discuss thoroughly in your original consultation exactly what it is you would like to achieve from your treatment and how long you would like it to last for.  There is the option to make the treatment completely permanent and in this case removal is quite complicated and it is difficult to determine the amount of treatments the client would need to achieve complete removal.  However, if you go down the semi permanent route then your look will fade over time giving you the opportunity to start all over again!

Andrea Grollet has been in the semi permanent make up industry for years and is a trained professional as well as an avid user.  To find out more about the services she provides and to book a consultation, call now on 020 8645 9553 or get in touch here.

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